Construction Methods

Conventional Stick Framing

We are fortunate that all of our guys are well versed in framing. We have years of experience with stick framing. We believe a floor should be flat and level, and we put time and effort to string and level our beams and floor joists to ensure our floor sheathing is perfect. We have a saying — 90 is 90 — meaning 90 degrees (a right angle corner) is 90 degrees and you can’t settle for anything else. We know how important it is to build square (90) and that everything goes up the same from there.

We take great care to have our floor and roof systems engineered to meet the code requirements of wherever we are building. Newschool Builders has top notch carpenters that are well versed in the mathematical aspects of roof framing. We’ve had architects say, “Your framing is so tight. I don’t want to cover it up!”

We take pride in our framing because we know that, afterwards, we are installing the interior and exterior trim, windows, built-ins and hanging cabinets. We want every installation to be as smooth as possible.

Timber framing

Taking a big timber, armed with a chisel, mallet and chain mortiser and turning beams into structural, beautiful components of a house, is something we take pride in. Even a small bent (timber frame section) can really help bring a space up to a new level. We often combine timber framing with conventional framing, replacing steel or laminate beams and posts with their natural timber counterparts. Mudroom entries and porches are also great places to transform your home’s overall look and feel with custom hand-hewn beams or straight timbers.

We do most of our mortise and tenon frame work in-house — either on site or in our shop. However, for bigger projects we will often turn to several of our other local timber framers and strategically collaborate to deliver what you need. We are well versed in installing Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP) and wrap many of our timber frames with them.

Modular and Prefab Construction

We have years of experience setting and finishing modular and prefab homes. We have worked with many different crane companies and are well versed in all rigging and safety procedures. Prefab and modular homes have come a long way since they were first introduced. We have worked with many different prefab companies. Most recently we teamed up with a company that is producing hybrid timber frames with passive house energy standards. Hybrid meaning, all the structural members and timbers are inboard of a highly insulated shell, put together panel by panel. If the prefab route is the direction you want, we are here to help.

Structural Retrofitting

Over the years we have been exposed to many different structural challenges. We are experienced in jacking and racking buildings to get them back into usable and safe positions.

Newschool Builders offers innovative solutions to tough structural problems whether in a new build, a renovation, or a 100 year old farmhouse. We often use micro lams to clear span or shore up floors or roof systems that were under built or damaged. Steel is also a medium we use and have several blacksmiths and welders that we use to create structural and artistic braces, brackets, and posts if the metal is to be exposed. We also love to use timbers to solve structural problems. If the beams are to be exposed, we often mill mortise and tenon beams, posts and knee braces. We come into an existing home, build temporary walls, and replace existing structures with new beam work. Whatever the task is, we are up for the challenge.