Custom Home Construction

Newschool Builders has done every type of new build, from super insulated passive homes, to 10,000 sq. ft. Adirondack lodges, to one story track homes. Regardless of what we are building, we build it right the first time.

We look at buildings that were built 100 years ago — without power, without pneumatic nailers and without all the other modern day technology. They are still standing — most of them just as straight and true as when they were built. We try to emulate those old school masters, but take it to a much higher level with using the newest systems and technology available today.

We take great pride in our frame-to-finish approach to building and we typically have our hands on every part of the project. This ensures that each home is tight, true, and well built. Our carpenters take great pride in seeing a project all the way through from frame to finish and we believe that our passion for building can truly be seen in the finished product.