Energy Efficiency

Today there are many options for insulation, air sealing and heating/cooling systems. We take the time and energy to stay current with all the products and techniques, because different projects call for different systems.

We believe that insulation and windows are two things that should never be scaled back on a project. These two items are the most important components of a building envelope and are often the least cost effective to replace or upgrade later on. Closed cell foam is a great choice for air sealing and R-value. Dense pack cellulose is also a top choice for eco minded clients.

Triple glazed windows and doors, cold breaks, radiant floors, heat pumps, geothermal, Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) systems and solar are all now part of a modern day energy efficient home. These are all investments that are made on the front end. They are environmentally responsible and they pay for themselves in years to come. We work with different energy contractors to design and install the best system for each project and budget.