Finish Carpentry

High End Interior Trim

We have some of the best finish carpenters in the business. We have a full wood working shop and are very experienced with installing a variety of trim packages. Depending on the project and the client, we are often tasked with creating and installing very complex trim details.

From stain grade cherry, to paint grade Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), we approach all of our trim the same way. This is usually the final touch on a project and reflects our craftsmanship.

We have invested in the newest and highest quality finish tools available. We take pride in our equipment and have learned that by investing in the best we are able to produce the highest quality products in the least amount of time.

Woodworking & Furniture

We produce, out of our woodworking shop, some very unique custom pieces that fit your style and your home perfectly. Window seats are a great touch to provide a place to read and store items underneath. Custom vanities for bathrooms are also a great way to showcase your new project. Bookshelves and recessed nooks are very useful for decluttering.

We have recently built some amazing tables for several restaurants in Burlington, VT and for private residences. Our signature tables are built out of reclaimed barn wood salvaged from all over the state. It’s extremely satisfying to take a bit of our discarded history and bring it back to life as a functional piece of art.

Having Newschool Builders build a custom piece of furniture or built-in can be a great way to cap off a project or just enhance an existing space.